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About Beijing

The Author
Beijing native and multimedia journalist.

There has to be a reason why everyone goes to Beijing, or as local people call it “Di Du”, the polluted, noisy and gigantic metropolitan monster-like city. What is it? One has to be there to know it is the PEOPLE that make Beijing a real spectacle.

Since 1040B.C. when the emperor of Ji built his capital city in Beijing, the city embraces all people and ideas, new and old. In Beijing’s 3,000-year history, the city has welcomed people from prehistoric hunters to modern entrepreneurs. Each person leaves a trace, making Beijing a colorful mix. Love it or hate it – there is no order in it.

You may have heard from the textbook that Beijing is the political, economic, and cultural center of China. This is only textbook talk. In the real Beijing, you can see top leaders’ colossal backyards from the history that are too big for people’s daily life, modern skyscrapers in the financial district that resemble a concrete jungle where ruthless barons battle, and food markets where one can spend from $1 to $100,000 on a meal.

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