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About Art in Beijing

Beijing belongs to everyone, but no one can have it all. Old native Beijing locals sometimes find themselves lost in this strange modern metropolis. To many, Beijing means opportunity. Therefore the ambitious -- artists, entrepreneurs, and everyone with a dream comes here. Some succeed; some fail, but everyone eventually becomes part of the changing Beijing. Every year during Spring Festival, Beijing experiences the world’s largest population migration. About 200 million people leave the city for their hometowns and return to Beijing three weeks later.

Because of the huge population influx, Beijing offers a unique culture of inclusiveness. Here you can find food from anywhere in the world, and can always find a group of people that share the most unexpected interest.

Local Customs

Beijing people used to live in “si he yuan”, where three or four houses share one common yard. This is no longer true as the population in Beijing soars. Yet the spirit of mutual help and kindness is inherited from the old times. Even though people have their own units in apartment buildings, native Beijing people still have an open heart to everyone. Every morning, elderly residents love to go to parks and meet their old friends for some light exercises. Because of the closeness among people, Beijing locals often end up life-long friends.

Politics & Economy

Beijing is the political center of China. Almost all government bureaus’ headquarters are located in Beijing. It is also the economic center with a newly built Central Business District. Beijing has one of the strongest economies in the country.


Be sure to check out the exhibition calendar of 798 Art Factory. There is always something new, something fun, something weird and something exciting to explore there.

Best Museums

Forbidden City; Capital Museum; Chinese Aviation Museum; China People's Revolution Military Museum

Holidays & Festivals

Spring Festival (Lunar New Year); Dragon Boat Day; Chinese Valentine's Day (Qi Xi); Mid Autumn Day

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