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About Food in Beijing

Roast duck has been well known throughout the world for years. But for locals, there are more than just ducks. Native Beijingers love soybean paste noodles – hot noodles that turn to room temperature after a "shower" in cold water. Dark brown salty soybean paste and eight or nine "Ma", small side vegetable dishes come with the noodles. These usually include cucumbers, carrots, bean sprouts and others that are cut up on top of the noodles. Stir them thoroughly until the tempting smell spreads all over the room. This may be one of the oldest luxuries in Beijing cuisine, because there are tiny meatballs in the soybean paste. Back in the old days, Beijing natives who suffered from poverty and war more couldn’t afford the best cuts of meat and created many dishes using animal organs: pickled tripe, stir-fried liver, and so on.

In winter, sugarcoated haws (little red Chinese fruit that tastes sour and sweet) are a must. Holding a sugarcoated haws stick, “tang hu lu” in a freezing gale will make you a real “Beijinger”.

What to Eat?

Roast duck; Hot Pot; Soiled Tripe; Beijing Style stir fried liver; You Tiao; Soybean milk; Soybean paste noodles; Cheesecake; Ma La Tang; Sugarcoated Haws; Beijing Style Barbecue


NO tips. Don't tip anyone in case of confusion. You can spare some changes to street artists.

Price per Meal

$10 - Unlimited

Best Restaurants

Quanjude Roast Duck; Nanmen Hot Pot; Dong Lai Shun; Da Dong Roast Duck; Baodu Feng; Xiaochang Chen; Sha Guo Ju; Hai Di Lao; Xu Xian Lou; Kao Rou Ji

Best Cafes

Charlie Brown; Curve Time; The Bridge; Greenland Cafe; Guo Ke

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