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Brooklyn, the city within a city. Brooklyn was actually its own city up until 1898 when it was consolidated with the other boroughs to form modern New York City. If it were its own city today it would be the 4th largest city in the country. Therefore, in Brooklyn you will find a wealth of attractions, culture, dining, and shopping that you would find in any major city. Plus, Brooklyn has been booming over the last two decades and as a result it is home to a unique and amazing array of restaurants, boutiques, bars, and entertainment venues. In many ways, the cultural center of New York has shifted across the East River and now lies squarely in Brooklyn.

In addition to the recent boom, Brooklyn boasts a tremendous history dating back to colonial New York. More so than in Manhattan, this history is intact and able to be experienced by locals and visitors alike. Sites include New York's oldest house The Wyckoff House, beautiful brownstones, historic factories and 100 year old Italian pastry shops and more.

Then there is the diversity. Brooklyn is home to people from all over the world. Moving from neighborhood to neighborhood is like moving between countries. You can literally visit Mexico, China, and Eastern Europe, all within walking distance. Jamaicans, Russians, Poles, Puerto Ricans, and Hassidic Jews are just a few of the groups that call Brooklyn home.

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