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About Food in Bucharest

Romanians love food and you will love Romanian food!

The central characteristic of the Romanian cuisine is its great variety. It is a cuisine influenced by different cultures: the ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Saxons, who settled in southern Transylvania; the Turks, who for centuries dominated Romania; as well as Slavic and Magyar neighbors. All of these influences gradually blended into the varied and delicious Romanian culinary tradition.

The main ingredients used by Romanian chefs are meats such as pork, beef and lamb, fish, vegetables, dairy products and fruit.

Romania is one of the world's top-ranking producers of numerous delicious wines, some of which never leave its borders. Romania 's climate and soil are hospitable to the production of many different types of wines, from dry, sparkling whites to rich, aromatic, purplish reds.

Popular domestic grape varieties used for wine production include Frâncuşă, Fetească Albă, Tămâioasă, Fetească Neagră, Băbească.

What to Eat?

Sarmale cu mamaliga - Minced meat in cabbage or vine leaves with a side of polenta (similar to corn meal).

Mici - these are like pork sausages without the skin and they are grilled. They are amazing with fries and a Romanian beer.

Soups: Ciorba de perisoare (meatball soup), ciorbă ţărănească (vegetable soup, with or without meat), ciorbă de burtă (tripe soup).

Desserts: Papanasi (cottage cheese donuts, topped with sour cream and fruit preserve), clatite cu branza (crepes filled with cottage cheese, raisins and spices) and cozonac (traditional holiday sweet bread filled with walnuts, poppy seeds, cocoa or chocolate).


Romanians usually tip depending on the quality of the service and taste of the food. If the service was good 10%, if it was excellent and you feel generous 15%.

Price per Meal


Best Restaurants

Romanian food: Caru cu Bere, Hanul Berarilor, Old City
Italian: Isoletta, Patrizia, Zabaione Ristorante
International: The Artist (Macromolecular gastronomy), Mica Elvetie (Swiss)

Best Cafes

French Bakery, Chocolat, Starbucks

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