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Buenos Aires is sometimes referred to as the Paris of South America. Buenos Aires has taken created a cosmopolitan center from the best art, culture, food, history and spirit of its immigrants and allowed it to flourished into a city that literally never sleeps. Buenos Aires is a place where exclusivity and luxury clash on poverty, and the differences can be found on every corner.

24/7/365 Buenos Aires has a diverse and vibrant lifestyle for each and everyone: from the world famous Teatro Colon to polo classes outside the city. It's impossible to get bored here. Life runs through the city veins as fast as the waterfalls, and the key to enjoy it is to jump into this crazy stream.

Once in Buenos Aires, get ready to be shocked, fascinated, irritated and likely fall accidentally in love... with the city and its incredible spirit. Just open yourself to unbelievable and strong experience, and you'll never regret it!

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