Food in Buenos Aires

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About Food in Buenos Aires

Already scared/excited about eating meat in infinite quantities from breakfast to dinner? Though Argentina still holds the image of a carnivorous country, the recent rise of organic food and global cuisines has brought diversity to many restaurants in the city. Another trend is 'puertas cerradas' - closed-door restaurants - offers even more options for exquisite food lovers.

All food goes along with red and white wines from Mendoza region. Additionally, you might try a rose wine, that is a new trend as well.

In the morning don't miss traditional coffee with 3 medialunas served in each and every place.

What to Eat?

After you are done with stakes, give a chance to empanadas (most of them contain meat too), traditional pizzas (different from Italians) and locro - best dish in a humid winter period. Additionally, visit Armenian, Corean, Peruvian and Chinese restaurants, and you won't regret.


Tipping is common, but usually doesn't exceed 10% of the final price.

Price per Meal

$40-$120 (pesos ARS)

Best Restaurants

Las Cholas, Las Cabreras, Baraka, Siga la Vaca, DF, Pizzeria Guerrin, El Cuartito, Oui Oui (for brunches), Angelitos, Sarkis.

Best Cafes

La Biela, Cafe Tortoni, Tienda de Cafe, Martinez, Coffee store, Usina del Arte, La Poesia

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