Adventure in Buenos Aires

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About Adventure in Buenos Aires

Walking in Buenos Aires might be an adventure itself. Lots of tiny hidden streets and changing views from one block to another might confuse and surprise. Just let yourself be lost for a while, and you will find lots of true gems and locals who will help you to get wherever you want to.

Hitting a local in the street might be actually your lucky ticket for the best day spending. Porteños love to show around, share their passion to the city with newcomers, help as much as they can and talk talk talk...


Best places to hike are Reserva Ecologica close to Puerto Madero, Bosques de Palermo and small towns around the city of Buenos Aires: San Isidro, Martínez, Tigre.

Walking Routes

Buenos Aires is definitely one of the best walking cities despite traffic problems. Most places can be reached within 20-40 minutes, so just choose a neighbourhood and relax: you will get everything without taking a cab or public transport.


Bosques de Palermo
Parque Centenario
Puerto Madero+ Reserva Ecologica


Complejo Deportivo Don Napoleon
Parque Norte
Club Monroe
Le Parc


Aires Up!
Le Parc
Sport Club
Aqua Lung


Biking is getting more and more popular day by day. "Bicisendas" or biking routes can be found in many parts of the city. Renting a bike is easy or you could also use free yellow bikes provided by the city government.


Yoga is extremely popular in the city of Buenos Aires and has all types of options to choose: from individual trainers to corporate sessions.


Buenos Aires is surrounded by parks in its northern part and has a lot of green spaces. According to the city plan, every neighbourhood shall have at least 1 park every 10 blocks.

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