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Visitors to Copehagen often comment on the laid-back lifestyle of the Danes, often referred to as as one of the happiest people in the world.

The city caters to an active yet relaxed life. With almost no hills,
the city features a long rich culture of bike commuting
recreationally and for the daily commute, both in the cold of winter and the long warm summer days. It features the longest carfree pedestrian shopping alley in the Europe, Strøget. But it is the neighbourhoods around the Inner City that truly host the vibrant and colourful parts of Copenhagen, and you'd do well to venture there and not just stick with the main tourist attractions. Getting around is easy and carefree, either by bicycle or the city's public transit system. You can also just walk, the city is small enough that you can visit every neighbourhood in just one day.

The capitol of Denmark sits on the strait of Øresund and now connected to Malmö in Sweden by the Øresundsbridge, only an hour away by train. Many peoply associate Denmark with architecture and furniture design, and the city features a rich mix of modern architecture like the opera house, and buildings hundreds of years old still used by the university. Design is important in the city, even the elephants in the Zoo now enjoy their Norman-Foster designed house.

Enjoy the waterfront areas featuring classic bars and restaurants, but make sure to visit the quirkier parts like Vesterbro's mix of modern cocktail bars and older dive bars (known locally as "brown bars" partly due to the dark interior). Another common attraction is the Freetown Christiania, a naval base squatted since the 70s, and it's markets, music venues and bars.