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Dublin wasn't always known for it's fine dining, but it's made huge strides in the last several years. Now, everywhere you turn, there's an incredible new restaurant or cafe with fresh salads and sandwiches, as well as innovative restaurants serving perfectly flavored dishes.

What to Eat?

Unique to Ireland is the pub style vegetable soup. It's nearly impossible to replicate and great for warming up on a cold afternoon. Also try the range of new craft beers popping up in restaurants and bars around the city. Dublin does gastropub style food really well, with fresh local ingredients. Ireland is known for delicious dairy--cheeses, milk and eggs are far better here than many other places.


No need to tip in a bar, but in a restaurant, if the service was good, tip between 5-10 percent.

Price per Meal

Lunch ranges from €5-10 per person, and dinner typically runs from €20-30.

Best Restaurants

The Exchecquer for delicious gastropub fare. Dunne and Crescenzi for Italian. Bite for fish and chips with a twist. Skinflint for pizza. Crackbird for sumptuous fried chicken. Musashi for sushi. Pho Viet for pho, naturally. The Winding Stair or the Pig's Ear for a delicious meal with a wonderful city view.

Best Cafes

Brother Hubbard for fresh salads and sandwiches. Avoca for their scones and baked tarts. The Fumbally for North African inspired lunch and brunch. KC Peaches for their American-style decadent brownies. The Cake Cafe for (obviously) cake, as well as their sandwiches on freshly baked bread.

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