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By Moscow's literature and architecture you understand its history; by its art and music you understand its image and vibe. But true, authentic character of the country lies in its food.

During our tour we will:
Cover 1-3 cafes or restaurants of different cuisines at your choice: Russian, Ukranian, Belorrussian, Uzbek, Georgian, Armenian, Lithuanian, Ossetian, Moldovian.
It can be superb restaurants with award-winning chefs and quality wine producers, or street food, or a cosy cafe where locals go to for lunch/dinner every day.
You will experience a full spectrum of culinary experiences, from street food in Gorky Park to dinner on top of Ritz Carlton.

Learn about the history of the regions with their cuisine, the mentality of different nations.

I will tell you about the history of Moscow and some of the sights. We will visit some historical landmarks of Moscow and see historical places & architectural masterpieces.

Sightseeing ranges from medieval art and architecture to Modern fashionable.

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Hellooo, dear friends!!! This is Friendly Local Guides. We are friendly, fun and flexible guides, always happy to meet new people and have fun together on our tours. Our tours are mainly a positive emotional and happy experience learning about this fascinating city with is saturated with history and culture! Booking us, you book exciting tours with unique experience, no boring history lessons. After you've booked any of my tours, we can organize a 2 hour free tour for you on any other day. We can meet you at the airport or railway station. We will show you Russian local life as it is, combined with some touristy must-do places. On our tours we smile, take photos with you and have fun! There's always loads happening In Saint Petersburg - from food festivals, art exhibitions and ballet performances to parties, football matches and car races shows, and we keep track of all of them for you. We run blogs on things to do in Saint Petersburg Moscow, so if you're looking for some local authentic stuff, here are some inspirational ideas for you: - If you want a photosession, we have photographers and will arrange a photo shooting for you. - We can recommend you the best value cafes and restaurants that will meet your budget, so you will only have to choose. You will try Russian traditional food with caviar and vodka (optional :)) St Petersburg's coziest pubs, romantic cafes, upscale restaurants and simply ethnic places to eat. I can get you good deals for meals in the very best cafes & restaurants with observation deck with iconic views of the city. All of our tours are absolutely negotiable in private. Once you book the tour, we will create an individual itinerary for you. Your guide will be your friend throughout the entire tour & you can ask her absolutely anything from how to use the metro to what's going on in St Pete today. We can add or drop something, whatever you wish. This is your travel, your unique experience, so you are a boss :) * We are available on SHORT NOTICE. We never miss a chance to meet new friends :) With Love, Alina Full profile Leave a Review

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