Reviews for Walking Old Rome

Marlize W.

O passeio com a Esther foi excelente. Ótima guia, foi como passear com uma amiga especialista em história romana. Tornou a minha viagem mais especial. Recomendo muito a quem tiver oportunidade, para fazer esse passeio.

Philip W.

Esther was great. Filled with history and an ability to give you a real sense of the city, she was exactly what we were looking for. She took us to places we wouldn't have found on our own and she was very helpful in planning the rest of our day. Added bonus, we stopped in a small shop for one of the best food bites we had all trip. Thanks Esther!

Mary M.

This tour was a nice compliment to the official tours that we got at the various sites such as the Vatican and the Collesium. Esther was very knowledgeable and able to answer our questions about local everyday life. She also researched for us the location to buy ceramics and how to spend a day outside of Rome. She introduced us to some local food on the tour as well. She focused more on neighborhoods as well as beautiful churches. Our teenage children loved learning how to drink expertly out of the fountains located throughout Rome. We would highly recommend Esther to take you on a tour.

Graham C.

Esther was an amazing tour guide and worth every penny. It felt like we were hanging out with a long-time friend. We had no problem at all understanding her English, and appreciated everything we learned (and tasted) along our Jewish Ghetto tour. I wish we could have hired her every day, to walk around Rome with us. She even waited for our bus with us in the pouring, freezing rain, at the end of the day, just to make sure we got on the right bus. Thank you Esther! Highly recommend.

Diana T.

This was an interesting, edifying, and fun tour. Esther is lovely and down-to-earth. She is actually a tour leader in most of Italy and has extensive experience with tours and what tourists enjoy. She knows so much about Rome and its arts & history! I should have known better to have done this on my first day in Rome, because I could have eaten better (She told me where the best cheap eats, gelato, etc. were)!

Crystal Y.

Esther introduced us to some treasures hidden within the busy city of Rome! We loved going to the Jewish ghetto and walking to hidden churches that held such splendor and history. I wouldn't trade in our time with Esther for anything! She was wonderful and we loved her!

Juliann L.

Esther knows all the cool ins and outs of Rome. She'll take you to secret ancient spots that very few people know about. Since she's a history buff she'll explain the places she takes you in a lively way that only someone that loves history could do!