Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Fireflies, Monkeys and Seafood

with Mat

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Looking for a romantic boat ride into the heart of the jungle where you will see hundreds of fireflies like never before? And how about playing with friendly monkeys climbing on you and getting one of the best seafood dinner of Malaysia! Go no further!

In this tour, you will visit a mangrove and discover its inhabitants like the mud-skippers, the monitor lizards, the Brahminy kites and the Crested Serpent eagles.

We will then proceed to a century-old lighthouse that Silver Leaf monkey call home. They are the friendliest monkey of the country and will be climbing on you if you give them food.

For sunset, you will enjoy one of the best seafood dinner in the country, right by the river side, and you will be delighted by the firefly cruise, watching hundreds of fireflies from your rowing boat.

• Pick-up from KL at 3pm
• 1-hour drive to Kuala Selangor
• Visit of the mangrove
• Monkey interactions
• Seafood dinner
• Firefly cruise
• Journey back to KL

Includes all fees, guide, transport, drinks and meals.

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Hi there, my name is Mat and I have been trekking the Malaysian jungle together with the Orang Asli (the indigenous people of Malaysia) for the last 8 years. I am originately from France but I have settled in Malaysia and married a Malaysian girl. I can speak Malay fluently. Ask the locals and they will tell you that I know the country better than them! From a night in a cave, a dip in a local waterfall, a bite at some quirky food (buffalo's penis soup, monitor lizard, snake and more) to cultural insights, survival tips and information about the fruits, animals and plants of the jungle, you can be sure that you will learn a lot more about the country than you would expect from a foreigner ;) Full profile

5 Reviews

Aylin B.

Mat was a wonderful tour guide and very easy to talk to. Needless to say, this was one of our most favourite experiences in KL. We really enjoyed feeding the monkeys and having them climb on us, and when Mat said best seafood in in the country, man did he mean it. The firefly boat tour was a unique end to a beautiful day as it was so serene seeing them glow around you in the dark as the boat calmly rowed in the water. We would 100% do this tour again!

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