Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Monster of the Lake

with Mat

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Enjoy some peaceful kayaking on this huge Malaysian lake, often covered in lotus flowers.

Chini Lake is famous in Malaysia for being home to the local version of the Loch Ness monster. If you manage to take a picture of it, I will refund your trip fully ;)

I will pick you up from your hotel in KL. It will take us about 3 hours to reach the lake. Upon arrival, we will setup the camp and then go for a gentle walk to the nearest indigenous village.

The next morning, we will go for a kayak tour of the lake. It is said to be the best time to spot the monster ;)

Includes guide, transport, kayak rental, tent, drinks and meals

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Hi there, my name is Mat and I have been trekking the Malaysian jungle together with the Orang Asli (the indigenous people of Malaysia) for the last 8 years. I am originately from France but I have settled in Malaysia and married a Malaysian girl. I can speak Malay fluently. Ask the locals and they will tell you that I know the country better than them! From a night in a cave, a dip in a local waterfall, a bite at some quirky food (buffalo's penis soup, monitor lizard, snake and more) to cultural insights, survival tips and information about the fruits, animals and plants of the jungle, you can be sure that you will learn a lot more about the country than you would expect from a foreigner ;) Full profile Leave a Review

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