Reviews for The Louvre in an Hour (Entr. Included)


One of the best experiences I've had in Paris -- going straight to the parts I love best in the museum with good company who knows his stuff.

Paul W.

Fantastic tour catching all of the highlights and a few lesser known spots as well. Very knowledgeable and super personality. Merci beaucoup Uriel!

Ana M.

This tour was exactly what we wanted, a quick tour to see a few treasures in the Louvre, without having to stare at a map. Uriel is friendly and his English is great!! I highly recommend this Tour.

Dennis C.

Uriel did a great job and we were able to see all of the important exhibits at Le Louvre in one hour and we did not have to wait in any lines. I highly recommend this approach to seeing Le Louvre

Gavin S.

Uriel was a wonderful tour guide! He was prompt and had made all arrangements in advance. He was also very friendly, sophisticated and knowledgeable about the museum and the select works of art that he showed us. He was born and raised in Paris which was additionally fun and his English is impeccable. We enjoyed the tour and afterwards were able to spend the rest of the day in the museum looking at everything we wanted to see. We highly recommend him and wouldn't hesitate to employ him again for other tour guide options.

Ed N.

This tour is exactly as described and is such a good idea I wish Uriel was around to provide this kind of tour for other museums around the world! 1 hour is pretty quick so there's no time to get bored as we zip from site to site, covering the main areas and then when the hour is up we are free to go back and enjoy slowly the items we want to see. Uriel is very friendly and the personal tour with him is infinitely more enjoyable than a group tour. This was our first time in Paris and the Louvre so this kind of "orientation" tour was perfect for us!

Jane H.

I am so glad we made the decision to do the Louvre tour with Uriel. We would never have found our way around and spotted all the famous pieces he showed us. He also showed us the SECRET PLACE to visit. Be sure to ask about that because it was fantastic..... We also asked Uriel to show us sights around Paris that we would not normally see on the tourist attractions. The day before our Louvre tour, we enjoyed a 3 hour tour starting with a french lunch at a quaint cafe with Uriel helping us select our foods. We walked through quaint streets with fresh fruit and shops with macaroons. We enjoyed macaroons in the park after seeing many beautiful sites. We would HIGHLY recommend Uriel for your Louvre and Paris tours. Jane, Jerry, Brenda and Kenneth

Frank L.

Uriel did exactly as he promised - he hosted an outstanding one-hour tour of the Louvre. We skipped the line and walked right in and in that one hour Uriel took us to see all the "must see" pieces and provided us with a most helpful orientation to this huge museum. We would not have had the enjoyable day at the Louvre that we did without that first hour with Uriel. If you're making your first visit to the Louvre, taking the first hour with Uriel is a great investment. Thanks, Uriel!

Pam C.

Thanks Uri for a wonderful tour this morning. It was a great introduction to this amazing museum. We would have spent ages trying to find our way around and your knowledge about the exhibits was excellent. Highly recommended.

Rose F.

If you have limited time in Paris this is definitely the tour for you! The Louvre is massive. You immediately hit the museum highlights without having to search and navigate around for them. I went in the evening so there wasn't much of a line but I did see the line in the day time and that in itself would be a huge benefit! Uriel is knowledgable and knows his way around. This tour was exactly what I was looking for!

Rob B.

What a great tour! We did a fast loop where we saw the hits - Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, etc - as well as some other really cool stuff, like the ancient foundation of the Louvre. Then ended with Uriel's favorite exhibit which was awesome, and our favorite now too! Thanks Uriel!

Charles H.

We booked the 1 hour tours for the Louvre and Musée d' Orsay with Uriel and we could not have been happier with Uriel's knowledge of the art work and the history of the museums. He was very accommodating to our needs and interests and planned our tours accordingly. An overall absolute pleasurable experience and will book future tours with him when in Paris. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! NOTE to fellow travelers: When traveling from London to Paris, remember there is a 1 hour time difference.

Eskil O.

This is for the traveler who wants to check of a few items on the list of things to see in Paris (Mona Lisa; check, Venus de Milo; check...) but not quite interested enough to spend an entire day at the Louvre. The museum is grand and fantastic enough that you can easily spend all day there. And after the one hour trip, you can stay in the museum and leisurely see what you want to see. I liked it, you're in quickly, you skip most of the lines and Uriel quickly guides you to a few key things to see. If you want to see a few key thing at the Louvre but not willing to spend an entire day (or be there early when the line is short), this is a solid way to do it.

Gabriel H.

A great way to skip the lines, get inside and see few of the popular exhibits without having to stare at a map. You'll want to stick around afterwards and go back to the places that peak your interest. Good for the first time visitor. Uriel is really fun, personable and knowledgeable, free to ask him about other cools spots in Paris to eat, drink and visit.

Michelle S.

Walk with Uriel and you will feel like a superstar. First, you walk through the Pyramids, past the impossibly long line without a moment's wait and you are in the atrium of the great Louvre. Uriel takes you on a one hour best of as well as off the beaten path of the one of the world's greatest museums. For those who just dabble in art, it's the perfect amount. The art buffs can think of it as a primer. After it's over, you feel as if you have done so much more, it's hardly possible to cram everything you saw in an hour and with your friend Uriel who always throws in a few laughs with the facts.

Karine O.

I learned a lot on the one hour louvre tour. Uriel was extremely knowleable about all subject pertaining to the louvre including pictures and louvre layout. At first, I was concerned about such a short time to see the louvre. However, Uriel took me to all the major paintings, explained the backgrounds, answered my questions, and even got to see napolean 's apartment and some royal jelwery. Most importantly, he was very nice and gracious. I would definitely recommend this tour with uriel to anyone going to paris.

Annemie V.

I can highly recommend Uriel's one hour tour of le Louvre. Uriel is very knowledgable in all the paintings and features of the Louvre that he took us to - and also of all the incidental ones we pointed out. Uriel was very flexible with the time of our visit - I can recommend going early so that after Uriel leaves you still have a nice long day with all the brilliant art.

Tanja C.

This tour with Uriel was well worth it. There were just the two of us with Uriel so a nice small group. We beat the queues and were taken swiftly to what we wanted to see and the main attractions in the Louvre, where it would have taken some time to find them. He was very knowledgeable and happy to answer our questions. After the hour, we were able to wonder round some other parts of the Louvre at our leisure, so the hour's guide was a very good introduction to this huge museum. Highly recommended!

Farheen M.

The Louvre is such an expansive place to tackle. If you want to see the highlights and get a great map of where to explore the museum book a tour with Uriel immediately. He was warm and easy to contact. He met me and my family in the afternoon and gave us a great 1 hour tour of all the most famous pieces of art in the louvre. He let us in with tickets without a wait and gave us a map to help us explore the rest of the museum after his tour was done. So many tours are too long or too detailed. Uriel does an excellent job of giving you what you NEED to see in the louvre and guiding you to where you want to go after the tour is over. When his tour is over, you are free to spend as long as you want exploring this beautiful location.