Reviews for Hawaii Sailing Adventure


I went to Maui in search of an adventure. I am a nature lover and a diver so I was really excited when I lucked out and booked a cabin on a 43' sailboat. Captain Brian and first mate Iwa were warm and welcoming as we set sail to Molokai'i and Lanai for a ten day adventure. The view of Maui from the water is spectacular. Everyday was a paradise cruise, we viewed countless humpbacks breaching, dolphins spinning around the boat, dramatic cliffsides and the most incredible snorkel spots imaginable. I particularly loved being in the water so it was great that fins and masks were available on board. I will never forget all the life under the sea, sea turtles, eels, octopus, whales and all the abundance of tropical fish!! My warmest memories are from the crew, the dinners of fresh caught fish and precious local expertise were the delight of the trip and really create a unique trip to remember. I would recommend them to those with an adventurous spirit. if you want to learn the ropes or just sun on the deck or check out some super marine life, call up Brian and Iwa, I have no doubt they'll take good care of you and make sure you get what you came for. Aloha!!