København, Denmark

The Copenhagener Escape (Bikes Included)

with Jesper

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Millionaires, deer and the world's oldest amusement park! Welcome!

On this tour we will ride bikes along the beautiful coast of Øresund just north of Copenhagen. This route is home to Denmark's most expensive and beautiful villas and will lead us to Dyrehaven (Danish 'The Deer Park'), a forest park north of Copenhagen. Dyrehaven is noted for its mixture of huge, beautiful ancient oak trees and large populations of red and fallow deer.

Also located in the woods of Dyrehaven, you will find the Queen's beautiful hunting lodge and Dyrehavsbakken. Dyrehavsbakken is the oldest amusement park in the world, and has been a firm favourite with the people of Copenhagen since it opened for the first time in 1583. Today, Dyrehavsbakken – or “Bakken” as it is known locally – is the finest example we have of genuine Danish popular culture.

You find a large variety of games, rides, restaurants, fastfood and ice cream stalls, and every day there is plenty of entertainment for children and adults alike.

Be aware that Bakken closes in August and opens again in March. The amusement park is still available even though it has closed and is worth a visit.

If more then two people attend this tour I will give a quantity discount. The price includes bike rentals.

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