Paris, France

The Essentials for a Nice Time in Paris

with Julien K.

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Julien K.

If Paris is one of the most beautiful city in the world with no doubt,
Paris is also and first of all a big city, which like other big towns, must be taught, in order to have a great time.

I sometimes hear people disappointed about Paris comparing their postcard perfect expectations with the real Paris they have come through.
Indeed, if Paris can be truly a postcard, you must consider the everyday small concerns of a big city.

A local perspective of Paris by a Parisian-born will help you to acquire in a little time, all the essentials to do, to know, and sometimes to avoid.

Aware of the expectations of both travellers and romantic couples, I suggest you two options:

1. Meet me around a coffee wherever you want for an hour meeting.
I will teach you how to use the metro and buses (and which metro or buses you will have to take from your place),
tell you how to spend your days by showing you a map of Paris with all the touristic places (+ prices + best hours to visit), the less touristic but still nice and cosy areas, the shopping and nightlife districts, and the most famous restaurants.
I will tell you the everyday small concerns to pay attention on.
And of course, I will answer all the questions you may have (+ few basic French words which might help!)
If you have no preference about the meeting place, I will be glad to choose a cosy coffee place.
The meeting is for up to 4 people.

2. Meet me around a coffee wherever you want for an hour meeting (see above)
+ advising you by phone or email during all your stay in Paris. This includes: booking for you restaurants, hotels, helping you to buy train tickets (+ tickets to go to the airport), advising you about others touristic places in France, and trying to do all my best to answer the questions /wishes you might have.
Price for this 2nd option is EXTRA and worked out in personal consideration (depends on wishes)

PLEASE WRITE me an email BEFORE booking to check availability
A bientôt!

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up to 4 people
for 1.5 hours

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Julien K.

Hi, I am a 25 years old Law student, born and living in Paris (attempting to pass this year the Bar exam) I am aware of the expectations of both travellers and romantic couples, as I am myself in couple and keen of traveling, especially in Europe and Mediterranean countries) A bientôt! Full profile Leave a Review

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