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Bill W.

English speaking and originaly from Northumberland in England and with 22 years in the hospitality industry, the last 10 in Luzern qualifies me to share my experience and knowledge with you, avoiding the traps and pitfals associated with a tourist resort, eat and drink and be merry with the locals and find out where the bargains are!

Want to pay 35 or 19 chf for fondue? Your call. Find the little clubs with free entry and local entertainment in your area....the best places normaly don't advertise,

This is your tour, tell me what you want to see! we can visit pubs and local breweries, small dive bars or taste the finest foods and wines on offer.

Your tour is individually created and customised for you, and your interests, so start charging your camera batteries and bring an extra memory card. But remember, the cheapest is not always the best, if it was, we would all be driving Trabants :-)

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Bill W.

Child of the 50s born and educated in Northumberland England, after 15 adult years of trying to find myself, left the UK and am still trying to find myself. 22 years later, I am still using the 4 letter word "NEXT!" I have been based in Luzern Switzerland since 2001 and have now entered into the world of collaborative consumption be continued :-) Full profile

1 Review

Rick O.

A little disappointed / Bill W. was sick so he had a friend stand in / she did the best she could / however she admitted she really didn't know what she should share with us / one thing we asked about was the place to get the fondue for 19 in stead of 35 chf / that Bill had in message about his tour / she didn't know; called Bill and the answer was the restaurant had closed / however we did enjoy out visit to Luzern / and probably enjoyed the tour more if Bill had given it / so maybe next time

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