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Michael P.
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As covered by the New York Times, Gothamist, and Animal New York — #OccupyTourNYC encompasses all the sites that were relative to the Occupy Wall Street movement, including a walk through of Zucotti Park, the movement's nexus in 2011. In addition, the experience provides an informative narrative that incorporates both in depth research on past social movements taking place in Lower Manhattan, along with the guide's personal experience having lived at the Occupy Wall Street encampment.

• Wear comfortable walking shoes, there is a lot of walking involved.

• There is a restroom break; however it is best that a participant uses the restroom before the tour.

• The experience usually takes two and a half hours (sometimes longer, depending on volume of Q&A).

• This tour is encouraged for mature audiences (18-older)

• Study Groups: 4 minimum-30 maximum (as accompanied by their instructor) — High School, Undergrad, and Graduate Students— go for HALF OFF ($15 per person) please contact me in advance for this deal, if this pertains to you/your party

• ALL PRESS/MEDIA & INQUIRIES: Please email me at Pella7387 @ Gmail dot com

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Michael P.

— FOR INQUIRIES AND INTERVIEWS PERTAINING TO OCCUPY WALL STREET PLEASE EMAIL ME AT PELLA 7387 AT GMAIL DOT COM — Allow me to introduce myself! I am Michael Pellagatti and I am a hardcore history buff and a sightseeing guide. I am 31 years old, and I have lived in the New York Metropolitan area my whole life. When you are getting a tour from me, you are getting an authentic experience from a person who is actually from the area! Right now, my "day job" is to conduct bus tours, however in good time this fact will be altered! When I am not guiding tours, I participate in community activism and am a fixture within independent media circles covering protests, breaking developments, and interviewing or featuring notable personalities (in the past I have interviewed attorney Gloria Allred, and captured one of the final performances from the late Pete Seeger) What makes me special? Everyone one is unique in their own way, however I suppose I should go into what makes me unique. Professionally, I have one of the highest licensing test scores in New York City history (since the test was first administered in 2003) scoring 137 out of 150. I am also extremely well read, spending on average four to six hours a day reading up on the history of New York and taking many notes to accompany my inquiry for knowledge. Also, unlike other guides, I have a legitimate claim to New York City's history, being among the small group of activists who camped out at Zuccotti Park on September 17th 2011 and kicked off Occupy Wall Street. By default that makes me a (not-so-famous) historical person! Would it not be cool to get a history tour from a person who has lived and was a part of history, as opposed to someone who conducts tours from a standpoint of an outsider? This is something to think about! For more information follow me on twitter @thepellareport, or @OccupyTourNYC or visit the Counter Cultural Tour of NYC facebook page Full profile

23 Reviews

Oli M.

We went on this tour as a group of university studies studying urban geography. Michael was incredibly engaging, enjoyable and emotional, bringing the occupy camp back to life with vivid stories and vignettes. His passion and knowledge of the events (and the associated history) are highly evident and we can highly recommend this tour to anyone wanting to know the unadulterated truth about Occupy Zucotti.

Sarah B.

Mike was a great tour guide! We had 20 high school seniors on a combination of the Counter Cultural and Occupy walking tours. Mike was quite informative, energetic, and passionate about teaching people the importance of protest movements in New York City. There was never a dull moment! Thanks, Mike!

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