Paris, France

Jazz Experience in Paris

with Maja

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Wanna check out the Parisian jazz scene? I would be happy to show you the famous jazz street - Rue des Lombards - where you have several jazz clubs (Duc des Lombards, Le Baiser salé, Sunset Sunside, etc.) and concerts every day!

We can go to a concert of your choice! I'll tell you what's on that night and you let me know which style you prefer. I will tell you more about the jazz side of Paris, what's going on (festivals, info about other venues and events, etc), which jazz musicians were living here, who has performed in those clubs, and of course more about the actual event we'll be attending. Maybe we can even jam if we go to a jam session (depends where and when we go!).

Come and experience jazz in Paris!

NOTE: The price includes entrance fees (if they apply) and if the entrance is free then it includes a drink of choice (which usually includes additional charges in the price instead of charging the entrance fee).

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Hi! My name is Maja (read Maya)! I come from Croatia but live in Paris and I'm a jazz vocalist, voice coach and a yoga instructor! I can show you the jazz side of Paris, which is plenty, since the jazz scene here is pretty good! If you're more interested in having a more relaxing time here in Paris, you can book a yoga lesson with me, do some meditation and breathing techniques, to get centered and find some peace in this big city. :) A bientôt! More about my music: Full profile Leave a Review

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