San Francisco, California

Ride Over Golden Gate Bridge

with Chris B.

Chris B.

The pinnacle of San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge! I want to take you over and around surrounding areas, while keeping the GGB as the highlight of the bike ride. Some of the surrounding areas are the Marin Headlands and Sausalito, The Marina district and the Presidio are just some of the places that we can ride around. I want to keep the experience open-ended to what you want to see and do while we are on our adventure.

If you want more of a structured trip I dont mind doing that at all also. My main goal is to show you a part of the city that you might not get if you venture off by yourself. I am also down to take you on a night ride over Golden Gate Bridge. After 9pm its bikes only, and I go over at night a lot to see the majestic beauty of the city and land beyond.

The tour only.
$30-40 for a bike rental.
With plenty of bike rental places all around, it is very likely that a bike rental store close to you're hotel. Blazing saddles, is the most common.
We can also pick up the bike(s) once we meet up, if you would like,
If you choose to meet me before you pick up your bikes it wont reflect the time we spend riding around the city.
The average ride will last about three hours. I am more then willing to stop for food or take the ferry even a bit of hiking (witch will not reflect the three hour ride or price) Adventures don't not have time limits!
Can't wait to ride with you!

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Chris B.

I am originally from a small town in Maine, moving out to California in 2006 to study photo documentary at the Academy of Art University. I fell in love with this city the second I was here, and started exploring, walking at first, then I got a bike, the rest, history. I ride on average one hundred miles a week. San Francisco is such a beautiful city its hard to stay in doors. ( So, why not show some travelers around!) CouchSurfing is a big part of my life and has a similar goal as Vayable. To show travelers the local side of San Francisco. It has been one of the best experiences of my life, I have truly made life long friends through CS and can only hope to do the same on Vayable. I'm very easy and out going, I would not be doing this if I did not want to meet you and make an experience while on this bike ride. I am very excited to meet you and take you on an awesome tour of my city! Full profile Leave a Review

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