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The Salinas Grandes is the third largest salt desert in the world. It is a unique visual experience and from all excursions, it is probably the most varied in terms of landscape.
Santa Rosa de Tastil used to be a town of merchants in pre-Hispanic times. Located midway between the Puna and the Lerma Valley, it was inhabited by 2,500 people. Its urban plant consists of seven parks with no streets, as villagers used to walk on adjoining walls.
Salinas Grandes lies north of San Antonio de los Cobres and Southeast of Suques. No urbanization exists and people who work on the salt mines have to spend the night in precarious shelters, abandoned buses or else travel to the closest villages of Cobres or Tres Morros on a daily basis. At Salinas you will witness a curious spectacle: local people and craftsmen placing branches in salt water pools, until minerals gradually adhere to them, water evaporates and salt crystallizes. The result is a 'little tree' they will offer you as a souvenir in exchange for a voluntary contribution.

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