Marseille, France

Land of Le French Connection

with Julien P.

Julien P.

I will bring you through the historic places that have build the sulfurous reputation of Marseille, a legend as the iconic gangster destination in Europe.

Get ready for a great walk in the secret streets of Marseille. I will unveil for you the history & sociology of this lively city. You will become a real "Marseillais", perhaps you will get the gesture & the loud accent.

From the "Panier" area that was the kingdom of the Corsican Mafia, via "Belsunce" & "La Canebiere" where migrants from Africa have struggled to survived, to the "Corniche" where the old guard use to be forge the best quality passport in the world.

By Bus we will reach one of the most beautiful sightseeing of Marseille, along the coast line, to reach "Les Goudes" where gangster used to get rid of their enemies. At the end, we will end up drinking a real "aperitif" around glasses of Pastis in one of the most iconic bar of the city.

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