Buenos Aires, Argentina

Experience Real Tango - at the Milonga

with Jamila W.

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Jamila W.
Style: Chill, Offbeat

Explore Argentine tango in its natural setting. The Milonga.
What you see on the streets of Buenos Aires and in the tango shows is just a small part of what tango really is. Long after the streets of La Boca are empty...after their last bow on stage... many of the dancers head to the milonga and now you can too.

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Jamila W.

I'm Jamila and I am a milonguera. In the world of tango that simply means I am a person that attends milongas socially. (Milongas are the place were tango dancer go to dance with their friends - but I will explain that and so much more when we meet). I am originally from the United States but I have spent the last two years here in Buenos Aires completely immersed in the tango scene, Now I invite you to come with into a world many people don't know exists. The Milonga Tango is not a hobby. It's a lifestyle. Full profile Leave a Review

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