Chemuyil, Mexico

Pre-Hispanic Ceremony Temazcal

with Thomas C.

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Thomas C.
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Temazcal- the ancient pre-hispanic ceremony of purification and healing of the soul and body. For over a thousand years, local indigenous people of the both Americas used Temazcal, as the one of the most popular methods of complete relaxation and treatment of various diseases.
But truly unique, this experience is considered to be due to a number of important features:

The first feature- it is a really original ceremony, which is still practicing by the native people.

The second feature- temperature inside the Temazcal is heated by volcanic rocks, which have extraordinary energy and power. No gas use!

The third feature- hot steam with the enchanting aroma of medicinal herbs. Medical inhalation during all the ceremony.

And the last, the most important feature- the "guide" of the ceremony - real "shaman". Not actor, but a real keeper of ancient cultures.

In our world, still preserved the ancient traditions of the indigenous population. Temazcal, is one of these traditions. Discover the secrets of the ancient Maya and Aztec healing...

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