Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Jaffa Street Food Tour

with Yariv

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The Shocking Truth About middle eastern Food!
Most people think that they can get authentic and delicious middle eastern food by just visit Israel.
What if I told you that you could get even BETTER middle eastern food, without having to search online or buy a travel book?

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Hello, my name is Yariv Gai… Travelling is my passion, but beyond that, I love Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, Thailand and The jewelry industry. I was born in Israel. As a child, I visited Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, and I remember thinking that no place in the world can be more beautiful. Many years later, I have been to very many places, but my love for Tel-Aviv-Jaffa has not dwindled. On my first visit as a child, I swore to myself that I would once live and invest in Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, and that dream stayed with me until I was able to actuate it in 2011. The journey to my dream to live and invest in Tel Aviv was a long one, but every minute of it was worthwhile. I studied Bachelor in Tourism to indulge my passion for travelling. My first job in 1993 was as a customer care service manager at an automotive company. I worked there for three years before taking on a job as a freelance tour guide in 1996. I thoroughly enjoyed this job since it enabled me to travel, but had to move three years later to a job as a cultural representative at Walt Disney world. In 2000, I went back to my first job and in 2002, I ventured into retail. Generally, my work experience has been very diverse, and it has contributed largely to who I am, and to making my dream a reality and my current business a success. I usually look at it as 11 years of vital lessons and experience on how to deal with very many different types of people and to manage teams and systems. I did not venture into the jewelry industry until April 2004 when I started working at Fashion, Jewelry and Design Company in Bangkok, Thailand. As it turned out, this is the job I had been looking for all along. I enjoyed working in the jewelry industry very much, and took the time to learn as much about the business as I could. I learnt how to get the right pieces for clients and customers, and how to source jewelry. I like to refer to April 2004 as my big breakthrough because since then, my life has changed. I worked at the Fashion, Jewelry and Design Company for 3.5 years before I moved to start my own handbag shop. The shop lasted only 14 months, but I gained more experience and learnt from my mistakes, how to make it in the jewelry industry. Currently, I run a fashion jewelry suppliers sourcing business which I started in January 2011. Even though it has not been a walk in the park, years of experience in diverse industries have taught me a lot, and I have found running the business far easier than I thought it would be. A few simple lessons that I have learnt along the way, and that have been vital to the success of my business are: Be flexible Learn how to adjust your conduct in every situation Give people (both clients and employees) what they want Overall, I have had a great experience in Tel Aviv and I am extremely happy to be able to assist you on your next visit in Tel-Aviv-Jaffa. Join us on our Jaffa street food tour Now! Full profile Leave a Review

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