Reviews for Street Food Tour

Robert M.

Our street food tour was all that we'd hoped for, and more. Great food, great company, helpful tour guide ... a highlight of our trip to Seoul. The only problem was that we could only eat so much food before getting full. There's enough food in the market for people to go back night after night and eat new things each time. I feel stuffed just looking at our pictures of that night.

Wolfgang I.

It was a great tour along the street vendors and I felt great to wander along with Minseo. She introducted me to Topoki and Fishsticks as well as deep fried Bibimbap, I must admit the food she originally suggested in the post I did not dare to eat, but after all it was just a suggestion and at least I know what it looks like and what all the dishes are called. Minseo you should offer more tours! Maybe one for street shopping, but I already have been to Nandemun Market.