Sai Kung District, Hong Kong

Snorkelling at Sharp Island

with Wouter V.

Wouter V.
Style: Offbeat, Wild

Hong Kong is home to a great number of corals, a total of 84 species of coral have been found in Hong Kong's waters, which is more than in the whole of the Great Barrier Reef or the Maldives. And this while Hong Kong's waters are arguably not the easiest place for a coral to live.

Corals form large colonies, some of which can be found just off the coast of Sharp Island. This little island provide some great snorkelling opportunities: there's the beach, where sandy bottoms are home to numerous fish, starfish and sea urchins, and there's a more rocky area where corals thrive.

As an extra bonus, Sharp Island is part of the Hong Kong Geopark, with main sights being the tombolo (a natural land bridge which floods at high tide) and the peculiar pineapple bun rocks.

All snorkelling equipment will be provided; just bring your swim suit and towel. Showers and changing rooms are available on the island.

Please note: participants must be confident and experienced swimmers.

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I am a Dutch national living in Hong Kong for over a decade. I have much experience roaming the great outdoors, and know many of the best places first hand. The more I walk around the countryside, the more I am hooked to the beauty, and the more little gems I uncover. I hope to share this experience with foreign visitors, giving them a much broader and deeper experience of Hong Kong. Over the past decade I have been hiking around the countryside almost every weekend and holiday. There are few places that I have not visited at least once, many routes are familiar to me. Being involved in the local hiking and geocaching community has also given me a lot of in depth background information on what is out there, including details about local history, folklore and geology. Full profile Leave a Review

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