San Francisco, California

Bay Area Backroads by Bike

with Ricardo M.

Ricardo M.

Get out of first gear and explore the scenic roads of the Bay Area the way they're meant to be seen: by motorcycle. The roads will love you and the cars around you will envy your awesomeness. Just one ride can have you seeing oceans and mountains and vineyards, oh my!

Rides generally go between 200-250 miles per day, starting at 9am-3pm. Groups are staggered so everyone can enjoy the adventure at a pace for their riding ability.

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Ricardo M.

It all started in the late 60’s with the smell of 2 stroke motorcycles. I was exposed to the world of motorcycles since I was 6 years old. Soon enough motorcycles became my passion and anything I have done ever since has been around them. I love the sport and sports in general. That’s one of the reasons the Bay Area has been my playground for the past 25 years. For that and many other reasons I consider myself a very lucky person. Being able to share this passion with people is great! Full profile Leave a Review

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