Hong Kong

Bats Watching

with Wouter V.

Wouter V.
Style: Educational, Offbeat, Wild

Hong Kong's nature is remarkably varied and rich. The lack of large, prominent species is more than compensated by the sheer number of small and at least as interesting kinds.

This tour takes you to the secluded Hok Tau reservoir, a prime habitat for bats which like to fly over the water catching bugs. Try to catch them with a beam of light, while listening in to their calls using a special bat detector.

After that we walk through a dark forest, to emerge at Sha Lo Tung. The village is long abandoned, the wetlands are still there, now a haven for water loving insects such as fireflies, which are active mostly in summertime.

Finally we head for Tai Po, and are treated to a great aerial view of the town and (weather permitting) areas way beyond.

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Wouter V.

I am a Dutch national living in Hong Kong for over a decade. I have much experience roaming the great outdoors, and know many of the best places first hand. The more I walk around the countryside, the more I am hooked to the beauty, and the more little gems I uncover. I hope to share this experience with foreign visitors, giving them a much broader and deeper experience of Hong Kong. Over the past decade I have been hiking around the countryside almost every weekend and holiday. There are few places that I have not visited at least once, many routes are familiar to me. Being involved in the local hiking and geocaching community has also given me a lot of in depth background information on what is out there, including details about local history, folklore and geology. Full profile Leave a Review

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