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Can traveling be therapeutic ?! Yes, if you are traveling with the right mood, to the right destination, in good company, or simply on your own!

Travelling allows us to meet the truest part of us, disconnect from the routine, leave the usual social roles and our daily obligations.
Sometimes, however, to enjoy the best of the holiday it takes a bit 'of time to slow down, to be aware of being on vacation!

Our Walking Tours will help you and your company to speed this Being-on-holiday-process and connect faster and better with Your self as a traveller! Basically during our sessions you will:

-Take your time to concentrate on space and time dimensions (in order to stimulate the right mood)
-Drive your attention to certain details of the city (Barcelona, which is the right place mentioned above), feel and enjoy its unique atmosphere. We will meet in typical Barrios, such as Borne and Gothic where city-life is everyday inspiring!
-Enjoy personal and eventually group activities. We will provide you with pencils, paper, various tools to fix your creative travel experience!
-Prepare yourself to enjoy your holiday, make the best of your leaving and prepare yourself for the next travel !

Looking forward to sharing this experience with you!

This activity is great at any age, for solo travellers, small or medium groups, families with children. Children
Costumized activities available, depending on time scheduling and group needs.

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"Once upon a time two Italians were living in London, and met in Florence by chance. They stayed together and had their first romantic holiday in Costa Brava, following Dali's steps and the year after they spend two weeks in Barcelona where they literally felt in love with the city. Alex is a musician, a creative soul and organizes wonderful events about contemporary art, culture, and design between Florence, Hong Kong and Barcelona. But you can enjoy the odour of his great art cuisine and listen incredible sound design melodies from far away. Marta is a very welcoming woman,a never ending traveller, art teacher, beauty researcher, life coach and daily dreamer." This is us, and we will welcome you to Barcelona and Costa Brava as the city has welcomed us a few years ago! Marta & Alex Full profile Leave a Review

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