Barcelona, Spain

FeelHome! Creative Cuisine Experience!

with Alex&marta

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Have you ever thought about combining emotions, delicious gourmet desires, creativity and family atmosphere?!

Taste, smell, look, hear, and touch these unforgettable moments!

Welcome to Alex & Marta Creative Cuisine Experience! Available for lunch, dinner or breaks, you will taste Spanish, French and Italian Cuisine, in the company of locals and experiencing selected music, art and food design setting!

Included in the meal are appetizers, first and second courses (meat or fish as you prefere), dessert, Italian coffee with Moka and wine. Fresh food from the Santa Caterina Market.
Vegan and vegetarian also available.

Art and creative activities (drawing, games, etc) are also available for kids attending the meal, and for any playful traveller!!

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"Once upon a time two Italians were living in London, and met in Florence by chance. They stayed together and had their first romantic holiday in Costa Brava, following Dali's steps and the year after they spend two weeks in Barcelona where they literally felt in love with the city. Alex is a musician, a creative soul and organizes wonderful events about contemporary art, culture, and design between Florence, Hong Kong and Barcelona. But you can enjoy the odour of his great art cuisine and listen incredible sound design melodies from far away. Marta is a very welcoming woman,a never ending traveller, art teacher, beauty researcher, life coach and daily dreamer." This is us, and we will welcome you to Barcelona and Costa Brava as the city has welcomed us a few years ago! Marta & Alex Full profile Leave a Review

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