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Dana B.
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Your own personal photographer for a whole day + digital photo storage device with all the photos! Let me be THE GUARDIAN OF YOUR MEMORIES. I document every hand in hand stroll on the beach, every surfing or skiing triumph, just as you wish them to be documented. Whether it's about more sophisticated shots to share on social media, or you just spent thousands of euros to take a once in a lifetime family vacation, I make sure that the memories come home with you.

Let your personal photographer take care of everything and don't ever say these words again: "My camera ran out of battery so I missed some great shots"; "Sadly I am not in the group photo. Someone had to take it"; "I dropped my camera and now it's broken"; "There was no one there to take a picture of us together"; "I accidentally deleted the pics on my sd card"; "Too bad all pictures came out blurry"


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Dana B.

Hi there! I'm Dana, a freelance photographer and travel writer, currently living on Lake Garda, just 40 km away from beautiful Verona. I have written numerous articles about the places I have seen, about natural landscapes, cityscapes, arts & culture, night life & cuisine, and given lots of great tips on fun activities, things to do and more. I also have my own business, a site called, where I accompany people on their travels and document their experiences (on film) so their memories will live forever. In other words, a personal travel photographer. I love to travel, I read books, I enjoy life, I share emotions, I am friendly, I follow my instincts, I keep on moving, I laugh, I reflect, I get excited and I celebrate. I'm your girl! Full profile Leave a Review

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