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Tanisha T.
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Paris is the city of light, love and WINE. The elixir from grapes that comes from centuries of know-how is intimidating, right? Like what wine to drink with what?

I'm here to help!

We'll start at a fun wine bar with a little bubbly to set the mood. I will explain the French wine regions, the different types of grapes and what those award labels on the bottles mean! It's a basic wine 101 course where you'll get a good understanding on how to select a great bottle of wine yourself.

We then visit another wine bar where I let you select wines by the glass based on what you've learned, paired with some tasty snacks. Let's see how well you do with this!

If time permits, I can guide you through a Parisian wine shop (caves as they are quaintly referred to here), or even take a stroll down a local supermarket aisle to grab a few bottles to take home. Good wine is available everywhere in France, you just have to know what to choose.

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Tanisha T.

There’s a special connection when a girl meets a glass of wine after a long day. . I want to help people decipher one of the biggest mysteries of the world...French wine! What's in the bottle, is that a grape or a region, what should I buy to take home?? These and other questions will be answered as we walk around wine shops and drink a few glasses at wine bars in Paris. Full profile Leave a Review

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