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We begin the tour of the abandoned Navy Base by exiting highway 86 in our 4×4 off-road tour vehicle onto an unmarked road. As we reach the point of the road taken over by the sand dunes we turn toward the old airplane landing strip and follow it toward the base permitter. After crossing through what was once the main barracks area that once housed as many as 600 Navy personnel and contractors we make our way to the ammo bunkers. The bunkers are approximately 1/2 mile inland from the shore and are slowing being taken back by the moving desert sand dunes, but are still easy to explore.

After exploring the ammo bunkers we make our way over the experimental desalination pits, abandoned after only 1 year of trials, to the once majestic pier. We will explore the pier while your tour guide recounts the amazing history of the Navy Base. On a clear day we will look for the mysterious “navy base object” that still stands, 1.2 miles off-shore.

Before ending the tour we will travel approximately 1/2 mile north along the shore exploring the other remaining structures of the base while our tour guide reviews more of the amazing history of this now abandoned secret of Salton Sea

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The Navy Base tour is led by Randy Brown, local adventurer and expert on all things Salton Sea. In June of 2015, Randy Brown will attempt to become the first person ever to walk around the entire shoreline of the Salton Sea. Randy Brown has mapped-out every inch of the Salton Sea shoreline. He is an avid off-road enthusiast and knows the full history of the Navy Base and environs. Full profile Leave a Review

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