Sofia, Bulgaria

Cycling North-East of Sofia

with Stefan

Style: Wild

New cycling trip I want to offer you is longer than previous but also a wonderful one, with different landscapes and interesting places that it passing through. The trip starts from the Central railway station of Sofia where we’ll put our bikes on a train that take us out of the capital to the small town around it. In the beginning we’ll ride through quite settlements and our way will pass around and under one of the main highways. After this we’ll go to a beautiful town’s church where there is a rock that grows! Then we’ll pass around the biggest factory in the country from the age of communism and our last target will be an ex-mine which is now a strange looking lake. I want to warn you that this trip is 60 km and you should be hard biker for it! If you like the trip but don’t want to ride we could do it by my car.

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I was born and grew up in the beautiful city of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. I have a Bachelor's degree in Cultural-historical heritage, and master's degree in Cultural tourism. Now I'm studying for another master degree in "Urban studies". In the last few years I've spent a lot of my time exploring my country and I've found a lot of spectacular places which I'm excited to share with curious travelers. I'm passionate about cycling and prefer to do trips by bikes. I drive as well and love hiking and kayaking, so I'm ready to explore by any mode of travel. Last year I bought a two-seated kayak and i got also a car so if you prefere some of these ways of exploring Bulgaria - I'm always ready! Full profile Leave a Review

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