San Francisco, California

Looking Good in San Francisco

with David G.

David G.

The world has seen one too many shots of smiling, clam chowder-filled tourists on the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s time for less cheese, please. Kick those travel pics up a notch by having a professional photographer follow you around the city, capturing you as you go. You’ll appear so effortlessly cool and wonderful, your Facebook friends will look at your new profile pic and think “look, how effortlessly cool and wonderful he/she is!”

Want awesome photos from your San Francisco adventures? Let me tag along!

So you're coming to San Francisco. Maybe it's your first time and you're seeing all the popular sites. Maybe you're here for a conference and want to hit the bars and clubs in your off hours. Maybe you want to document it all but don't want to be bothered to pull out your cameraphone or point-n-shoot every few minutes.

Well, hire me to tag along!

3 hours of me tagging along on your adventures, taking portraits, landscapes, etc. I'll even let you take some of the pictures yourself, if you feel like it.

Once I'm done following you around, I'll go home and edit the pictures. Within 3 days, I'll send you a zip file of at least 20 of the best images, all large enough to look great as an 8x10.

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