København, Denmark

The Beautiful "Frederiksstaden"

with Jesper

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A new town to the king and the upper class.
Frederick V. builds in 1748 the district "Frederiksstad" in the heart of Copenhagen. Both to pay tribute to him but also to satisfy the nobility need for large mansions, and raise the profile of the ancient capital of modern trade and seafaring.

Nothing in "Frederiksstad" are randomly placed. Everything is made with ruler and right angles. Perfectly straight streets with large houses and mansions located on straight lines and with a right-angled system - with Amalienborg (Queens palace) and the Marble Church in the middle of it all.

On this tour you will visit the different beautiful mansions, get inside the marble church and visit some of the more simple buildings that used to house the poor population. We also visit an old military area from the 1600 century that is very idyllic and worth a visit.

We stop the tour by the water, where it is possible to take the ferry to the other side of the harbour, where you can visit a very nice street food market and try delicious snacks and drinks.

Can´t wait to show my neighbourhood of Frederiksstaden.

If you´re a group of more then 4 people write me a message to get a group discount.

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My name is Jesper. I´m a danish guy at 37 years. I am born and raised in Copenhagen, where I also live. I love my city and love to share it with you. I´m passionate about the quirky side of Copenhagen and prefer to show authentic and unique places followed by local knowledge and insider information you won´t find in a guidebook. I have worked within many different fields from digital design, tourism to cultural politics and have a masters in digital design and communication from the University of Copenhagen. I´m an experienced traveller and have lived in both New York and Barcelona which helped me to understand what makes great and unique experiences from a travellers perspective. Send me a message and tell me about you and your travellers interests - together we can create the best experience based on your wishes. Check out my various experiences on my profile. Can wait to meet you! Full profile

6 Reviews

Xander S.

Fun to walk around with Jesper and get the insider's scoop! Cool guy

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