Almeirim, Portugal

Tennis Week - Portuguese Wine Country

with Eurico

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Come to enjoy a whole week of tennis coaching in sunny Portugal. You can stay in my flat a few steps away and available via airbnb or stay in a nearby hotel in the village. Almeirim is in the wine countryside, very dry and sunny, perfect for tennis with over 2500 annual hours of sunshine, at par with some of the more famous tennis holidays resorts in Greece, Cyprus and Spain.

The weather averages around the region are:

Annual average high temperature: 20.8 °C
Annual average low temperature: 12.8 °C
Average temperature: 16.8 °C
Average annual precipitation: 753 mm
Days per year with precipitation: 82 d.
Average annual hours of sunshine: 2781 h.

The price includes 2 hours of tennis a day with one of the 3 coaches who teach in local schools and make up the local club. For groups of more than 1 player, coaching is done all together, unless arranged and agreed in advance.

There are 3 exterior courts, concrete courts (there are also two artificial grass padel courts) and these can be used day or night as they are floodlit. There is also a local decathlon sport shop in nearby santarem, half hour drive, if you need extra tennis material, but anyway one of the coaches also does re-stringing.

If rain does not allow play, the corresponding amount is returned.

You can also book the courts to play some extra hours between yourselves, at 3 euros a court per hour, it's quite good.

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I am Eurico, from Portugal, I have lived in London for 20 years now. I love backpacking around the world, particularly South and Central America, Africa and South East Asia. I came originally to study, astrophysics, finished my studies and then move to work in the city in financial maths and software. I love food, wine, books, music, theatre and the good life. I am from a small town in the centre of Portugal. A very nice place, very quiet and with a gorgeous weather. Summer is hot and dry, not like London, the town has lot of sunshine most of the year. I have an airbnb flat in Almeirim, lots of tourists have stayed there. I visit regularly, play tennis there and enjoy the good food and wine. Almeirim is on the wine route (Rota do Vinho) and you have lots of vineyards to visit and do free tastings, but book way in advance. I started playing tennis about 12 years ago or so, before I used to play basketball. In the old days the sports centre had a basketball court but now the new area close to my airbnb flat has 3 tennis courts, and tennis is the new big thing for youngsters. Full profile Leave a Review

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