Buenos Aires, Argentina

Day Trip to Luján

with Esteban C.

Esteban C.

During the morning, we’ll do the walking tour of the town center. Visit the Basilica, a unique religious building in the heart of the province of Buenos Aires. Every week, the Basilica receives hundreds of believers that seek to worship the Virgencita de Lujan. See the wonderful Cabildo (town hall) of Lujan, as a token of colonial architecture.

We’ll be spending the rest of the day in the countryside. We'll be going to a small cattle ranch, just 25 km out of Lujan, that has been in the family for four generations. I’m honored to receive visitors and introduce them to life in the Pampa in this establishment.

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Esteban C.

I followed the career of International Studies in Buenos Aires. Next, I earned a Master's degree in European Political studies in Belgium. It is my professional goal to become an Argentinean diplomat. Now, for the time being, I just enjoy showing the wonderful cities of Buenos Aires and Lujan to foreigners. Full profile Leave a Review

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