Sofia, Bulgaria

Cycling Trip Around Serbian Border

with Stefan

Style: Wild

Here’s another trip which is for real bikers. It lasts few days (depending of what you’d like to see and what tempo of movement you prefer) and is for people who like long time cycling through mountain villages without too steep areas and without traffic. It’s also perfect for people who like to combine cycling with tenting cause there are perfect places for camping and that area of the country is not so populated and criminal. The itinerary offers a perfect landscapes with low mountains big woods gorgeous rivers, a spectacular dam with a high rock beside it where on the top there’s a 700 year old monastery, quiet villages with a lot of interesting old houses (most of them abandoned), and a lot of fresh water springs among the road (which is important for a long time cycling). Another spectacular place is river Erma’s gorge where the water is so fast and wild and the rocks around are mighty. There are also many old Christian temples – churches and monasteries. People are friendly and the places where you could rest eat and drink are enough. The first stage of the trip is by train because of the traffic.

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I was born and grew up in the beautiful city of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. I have a Bachelor's degree in Cultural-historical heritage, and master's degree in Cultural tourism. Now I'm studying for another master degree in "Urban studies". In the last few years I've spent a lot of my time exploring my country and I've found a lot of spectacular places which I'm excited to share with curious travelers. I'm passionate about cycling and prefer to do trips by bikes. I drive as well and love hiking and kayaking, so I'm ready to explore by any mode of travel. Last year I bought a two-seated kayak and i got also a car so if you prefere some of these ways of exploring Bulgaria - I'm always ready! Full profile Leave a Review

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