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Follow the Footsteps of Lincoln in NYC

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In 1860 an unknown politician from Illinois arrived by ferry at Cortlandt St. He made his way alone to his hotel on Broadway. He took the ferry to Brooklyn to attend Henry Ward Beecher's sermon at the Plymouth Church. He had a photo done at Mathew Brady's studio and bought a top hat at Knox's hat shop across the street. He then went to the Cooper Union where in front of 1500 people he gave a rousing speech against the expansion slavery and was declared by on onlooker to be the "greatest man since St. Paul." Lincoln would later say that his visit to New York made him president.

On the Follow the Footsteops of Lincoln in NYC Tour we'll retrace the steps Lincoln took on his historic three day trip. We'll see the New York he saw, through photos, vivid descriptions and the buildings that still stand. We'll trace with path through Lower Manhattan and take the ferry to Brooklyn. Along the way we'll learn about Lincoln in New York as well as New York before and during the Civil War, including the Underground Railroad through New York and the Draft Riots.

As a experienced tour guide, a historian, and a native of Illinois, Lincoln's tour of New York has special resonance with me. I hope to pass on my passion to you.

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My name is John Semlak and I live in East Harlem in Manhattan. I would love to show everything that the great city of New York has to offer. From the side streets of Greenwich Village to the corridors of finance on Wall Street, from the melting pot of Queens to the brownstones of Brooklyn, I can offer an walking tour tailored to your interests. My tours tend to have an emphasis on the history, culture, and stories of the city. My tours are walking tours unless otherwise noted. By far the best way to see New York City is on foot. Plus it's healthy. Most of my tours last at least two hours but we can tailor the tour to your schedule. My tours I am a licensed tour guide with three 4 years experience and much more experience wandering the streets of New York. I speak English and fluent Russian and offer tours in both languages. Meet me in NYC! Full profile Leave a Review

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