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Hoi an Walking Tour

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Vinh N.
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Hoi an is a exceptional achitecture that mixed of oriental and western influences ;Japanese ,Chinese,Vietnamese and French.During from 16 to 18 century Hoi an is busiest international habor in Asia.Nowaday ,city has been well preserved intact its structures in spite of devasting in many wars and time.The mossy brick roofs fading in time,the streets winding and so narrow alway attract to visitors all cornerswide.Walking tour 3 hours is a excelent selection for admiring all charmful ancient town and lovely local activities,it seem the time posponds floating.......

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Vinh N.

Hello! Xin chao! Welcome toViet nam! ..I’m Vinh – Glory. I was born and grew up in Hoian – a world heritage city (central part of Vietnam).Since my childhood I had got a strong dream of traveling around world to find out new things ,new lands,meet new people …to fulfill my desire, I have learnt moreto improve my knowledge of customs, behaviors, cultures,…those are different from my home Vietnam. ... But still be a long wait for my dream become true because of many reasons from my country rules,situation and myself also, Luckiness, in the blooming of global tourism, my country was chosen as a favorite destination for world tourists and my hometown Hoian becomes one of the most crowdest foreign travelers of Vietnam. I quickly emerged in tourism industry since 1995 with a lot jobs to do as: Receptionist, interpreter, hotel, restaurant manager, tour operator….and just now an experienced tour guide. A long time while working as a tour guide for several tourism agencies nationwide either worldwide ,I realize that tour guide is my most suitable employment to my ability, my pasion, knowledge that was cherished during childhood time , all my life forever…... “ Travelling is the best way to learn more the knowledge of custom, culture and people by joining and inter exchanging to real local life…..we can share everything each other in a interesting method.” I’m very happy and proud to be A BRIDGE connecting you all to my local areas and neighbors through Hoi an – My son – Da nang – Hue….the most attractive road crossing three world heritages with much mysterious and new,strange things that you never have got ever……..each day is book opening, meeting some one is exciting waiting, we have more motions to love……Let ‘s be your eye witnessed…. Achievements and Qualifications: - 20 years experienced in tourism. - International Tour Guide License # 148 140 957 issued by VNAT Full profile Leave a Review

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