Pokhara, Nepal

Morning Tour With Sarangkot Sunrise

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Thupten G.
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The Tibetan Encounter Day tour is a unique opportunity to spend a day in a local Tibetan community and have the freedom to discover what life is really like for the Tibetans today. Locked away for centuries behind the curtain of the Himalayas, Tibet thrived as a center of unparalleled spiritual learning and as a regional power until China invaded in 1959, forcing Tibetans to flee to surrounding countries. Today, Tibetan refugees in Nepal are eager to share their dynamic philosophies and way of life in order to preserve their culture.

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Thupten G.

Many people have asked me why I chose to open ” The Tibetan Encounter Day Tours.” Being a Tibetan refugee myself, I am uniquely qualified to tell the story of how so many Tibetans came to live in Nepal. Additionally, having worked in the hospitality industry for almost seven years, I gradually became aware that tourists had a keen interest in Tibetan culture, customs, religion, livelihood, medicine, arts and crafts, our dynamic philosophy and our way of thinking. I was born in 1974 in Riphuk near Gonpa Ghar in upper Mustang, Nepal. My story begins well before I was born. In fear of their lives, my parents fled Tibet in 1959, close on the heels of the invading Chinese army. They worked in India for almost one year, constructing roads for the Indian government, and subsequently made their way on foot to Mustang, Nepal in 1961, an area in the mountains of northern Nepal close to the Tibetan border. There my parents lived almost 13 to 14 years until the Nepali government ordered the remaining Tibetan guerillas ( about 1800 men ) to shut down the operation and arranged for land where Tibetan refugees could build permanent settlements. Eventually, in 1975 my family settled in Jampaling Tibetan Refugee Settlement, about an hour east of Pokhara on the road to Kathmandu, and it was there that I was raised and educated. As an adult I gradually became aware of tourists’ thirst for knowledge about Tibet and I began thinking about the best way I could share real information about Tibetans who live in Nepal as refugees. As a result, I started “The Tibetan Encounter Day Tours” and developed morning tour, morning tour with Sarangkot sunrise, full day tour and overnight tours to my childhood community, Jampaling, as well as the three other Tibetan Refugee Settlements around Pokhara. If you would like to learn about Tibetan culture in an environment where Tibetans are free to tell their stories, please contact me about joining one of my cultural tours, which helps to preserve our precious heritage for future generations and makes the younger Tibetan generation aware of our history. Full profile Leave a Review