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Walk around NYC's history with me, meeting under the arch of the City’s David Dinkins Municipal Building, where we trace New York’s origins in the images and markings on the structure itself. Walking north one block to the Foley Square community of Courthouses, we recall that 150 years ago we would have been entering the notorious Five Points slum area with those same footsteps.
The Surrogates Court/Hall of Records Building nearby was originally intended to be a new City Hall about 1901, as was the Municipal Building in 1913. But next door, our 1811 City Hall remains the seat of government today.
The 1883 Brooklyn Bridge is adjacent as well, along with the 2011 Frank Gehry Tower, with one-bedroom apartments renting for $4,200 a month. And across City Hall Park is the 1913 Woolworth Building – tallest building in the world for 17 years – where offices at the top have just been converted into condominiums selling from $4 million to $126 million.
With descriptions of these landmarks and the many stories that bring them to life, the tour takes about 2 hours, with the chance to add other nearby features if you are game.

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Born in the Bronx, I've been dazzled by this City since my parents used to take me everywhere from the Lower East Side kosher restaurants to the Statue of Liberty (a landmark very few New Yorkers actually visit). And as a newspaper reporter, publisher of a community newspaper, and former real estate agent, I use all my experience to explore, investigate and understand the workings of this dynamic City. As an NYC-licensed Tour Guide, I've worked on a double-decker bus for 3 years, and I'd like to share with you what I've learned and show you many secrets and oddities most people don't know about and rarely even notice. Full profile Leave a Review

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