Santiago, Chile

Santiago's Craft Beer Tour!

with Sebastian C.

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Sebastian C.
Style: Chill

It has been some good years for craft beer lovers in Chile. We have seen a lot of microbreweries grow, so there is a lot to see and taste while you are in Santiago.

In the tour we would know 3 or 4 differents brewery (there is a lot more to know. if we have time we can do it, and if we don't i would gladly give you directions for you to keep trying out beers). So it's depend on the day and the hour that you want the tour to be. We would meet up in the center of the city and have a drink or two in every pub, it's up to you, while i tell you about the beer's scene in Chile (and of course i can tell you all that i know about my own city). I have travelled a lot and tried a lot of different beers in a lot of different countries, so i think i have some good advices for you

Tour can be arrenged the best way to fit your schedule. Keep in mind that Santiago has restricttions on the bar's closing hour. On the weeks, they usually closes at 1 AM or 2 AM (depending on the pub's location). On weekends usually at 3 AM.

If you want to eat, almost every pub has food for order.

Tour does not include the transport from one pub to another (some are at walking distance) and does not include the drinks prices (If you want to save some dollar, we could arrenge the tour to match the happy hours, no problem! just ask)

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Sebastian C.

Economy degree in Universidad de Santiago de Chile and Backpacker for 5 years and counting. I have known almost complete South America (Peru, Bolivia, Brasil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay), United States and China. Tried beer everywhere i've been. Thing that i love? TRAVEL, beer, football and photography Full profile

1 Review

Marina L.

Fantastic and fun. Sebastian and his girlfriend were adorable, great guides. It was a surprise to know amazing craft beers in wine country.

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