Tigre, Argentina

Sculling Tours Around Tigre - 3 Hours

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Only 40 minutes away from downtown Buenos Aires Tigre and Delta del Paraná await you. This place is unique for its lush jungle landscape reminiscent of tropical latitudes.
We offer you to discover it on a rowing boat. This is a wonderful way to experience such a magical place while doing a healthy, light and enjoyable physical exercise.
We offer personally tailored kayak, sweeping, sculling and full moon tours.

In sculling each rower has two oars, one in each hand. The seat moves back and forth, thus involving the legs in the propullsion of the boat.There is a guide on each boat. All our guides are bilingual rowing instructors that will help you attain the technique.
In sweeping everyone jumps on one boat. Each person holds only one oar with both hands. The saddle is fixed and the challenge is to row all together at the same pace. This is great for a group of friends or family, because you get to share the same boat and row as a team!
Tours are suitable for all ages and no previous experience is needed.
The itinerary is not fixed, since it is adjusted to preferences and needs of tourists as well as tides.
All tours include boats, lifejackets, bilingual guide, water, snacks and photos.

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I am a happy weirdo. Have worked in entertainment as a performer and in documentary video making. I believe humanity has a good opportunity of revolution and growth through global connectivity and peer to peer sharing. Because I fell in love with Tigre by rowing around it, I want to make this experience available to travellers from all over the world. I am the founder and main guide, but my brother and one of my best friends are the other guides who will join us if group is larger, or if I´m unavailable. Full profile Leave a Review

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