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Palma Through History

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Founded by the Romans in the 2nd century B.C., Palma is a little town on the western Mediterranean Sea that goes unnoticed by many visitors every year. People stroll by its streets, they shop in its commercial areas and they take pictures from anything their eyes can reach. However, the true Palma stills hidden for them.

Join me on this tour and I will discover a town with more than two thousand years of history for you! Be part of a journey through time to get an insight into Palma’s past. Romans, Moors, Christians, Jews, military orders, kings, monks, nuns, aristocrats, ladies, liars, murderers, conspirators, pirates, brave sailors, men of letters, philosophers, plain civilians… all of them were part of the same chess board. We will meet the most remarkable places, personalities and stories that made a difference in this town.

We will explore Palma’s Old Town for two hours while we discover the most important city’s institutions in the Middle Ages (the old University, the first parish church built in town, the Arabian Citadel, the Merchant Guild’s Headquarters, the Royal Dockyard, the Bishop’s Palace, the Maritime Consulate). We will stroll through Palma’s Main Jewish Quarter to get an in insight into one of the most ancient cultures on the Balearic Islands. Then we will go into the most visited monument on the archipelago: Majorca’s Cathedral. You will find out how skillful were the medieval builders that erected one of the most astonishing temples on Europe. Besides, you will have the opportunity to contemplate the magnificent work of two renowned artists: Miquel Barceló (a Majorcan sculptor and painter), and Antoni Gaudí (the most distinguished Spanish architect during the Modernist period). Finally, we will go directly to have our lunch/dinner at a classy and cozy restaurant located in the old town, where we will be able to taste exquisite meals and local wine.

• Food, beverages and Cathedral are not included.

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Hey, my name is Albert! I am a Bachelor's Degree holder in History and I have been working as a Licensed Tourist Guide for more than two years. I do historical tours around Mallorca and, specially, in its capital: Palma. Since I was a kid my passion has always been History. I am very enthusiastic for Palma because I think my city holds one of the most important monumental sets in Europe: Palma's old town. That's why I'm trying really hard that what I actually love in life be seen by everybody as true profession, not only a hobby. I am proud to say I am getting it so far. History is my life and what I do best is bringing people back to the past through our wonderful heritage. If you ever thought history was a boring thing, I'll be glad to prove that you couldn't be more wrong. I encourage you to join me and you will realize how thrilling is knowing what happenned centuries ago on the very same streets we are walking by today. Full profile Leave a Review

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