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Erotic WalkingTour 4 - ARTISTS & EROS

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"Everything is sexualised and, if not, it isn't living, it doesn't exist", said Subirachs. "Art isn't chaste" and "yes, art is dangerous. And if it's chaste, it isn't art", said Picasso. Barcelona, city of arts and eroticism par excellence, has been a place of inspiration for great artists of all time; they have also left a mark on it. Both through works that can still be enjoyed in its magic streets and through the stories of lives told now by the places where they once lived and the corners they used to visit or which inspired their great works. Picasso, Dalí, Subirachs, Miró, Gaudí. Discover the history behind the great and their love story with Barcelona.


1. Meeting point: Plaça Nova. Brossa: El coito (min 1-5)
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Erotic Museum O.

Only in Spain, the Erotic Museum of Barcelona offers an extensive historical and cultural record of the influence of eroticism in mankind from the beginning of time. A passionate adventure which takes place in Barcelona, one of the most beautiful and erotic towns in the world that has always attracted generations of artists, dreamers and adventurers. Its sexual diversity and tolerance converted it into a town with a unique erotic history. The Erotic Museum of Barcelona wants to share the rich culture of eroticism which forms a part of human history. With the desire to transfer this knowledge through entertainment and leisure, waiting for the visitor with open doors every day of the year in an exceptional location, La Rambla, the most popular and historic street in the town and just in front of the most popular market, La Boqueria. Full profile Leave a Review

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